About the Team

About the Midwife:

Janet Akremi, BSM, CPM, MD

I am Janet Akremi BSM, CPM.  I  live and offer midwifery care in Missouri, in the midwestern United States.  I have attended births here, and in other places in the world, since the 1970s when I played a part in the formation of a collective of practice-trained midwives here in Missouri.  We went on to train apprentices and form our state's professional association for midwives. I am currently working toward a master's in midwifery and focusing on education once again. 

I have also worked as both a nurse (RN) and then a medical doctor (MD) for several decades, catching babies all the while in homes, hospitals, and birth centers. I have practiced in several states, and in another country, I have been present at around 1500 births. 

About the Apprentices: